Episode 1, The Bennies

Well, here it is. The long awaited 1st episode of I Want To Go Home Now Please. I figured I had to start strong, so here’s 50 minutes of me talking to Jules and Craig of Australia’s favourite partiers, The Bennies.

As I mention on the podcast, the interview portion of this podcast was recorded around about a year ago, in a really strange hotel room in a small Austrian town called Schwanenstadt. The first few episodes are likely to be older recordings completed around this time (basically when i was travelling with a full recording rig) but hopefully sooner rather than later I can get a bit more up to date.

Hope you enjoy, and please subscribe on whatever podcast service you use for future episodes!

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Eat Defeat Confirmed To Open The Fireball – Fuelling The Fireball Tour at the O2 Academy in Leeds!

So if playing an amazing tour in Japan wasn’t good enough, we’ve gone and landed the opening slot on the Fireball “Fuelling The Fire” Tour opening for Reel Big Fish, Mad Caddies, Anti-Flag and Sweet Little Machine (Fireball’s Hottest band of 2017 at the O2 Academy Leeds on Sunday 15th October 2017!

We’re thrilled to be playing this show and will be one of the biggest stages we have played on. Also being selected to play this show will also put us in with the chance of being “Fireballs Hottest Band of 2018”

Doors for the show will open at 6pm and as we are first on we would urge people to come down super early to catch us and enjoy this experience with us.

Tickets are ridiculously cheap at £10 (plus booking fee). You can get yours HERE or if you require any more info or access needs please use the following details to contact the venue

Accessible Tickets

To better accommodate your needs, O2 Academy Leeds has requested that all Accessible Ticketing requests be solicited only through their representatives. * Box office information is subject to change.

Telephone Number(s):0113 3891555
email: mail@o2academyleeds.co.uk

Service Hours: Monday – Friday 12pm – 5pm, Saturdays 12pm – 4pm.

Thanks for your support.


We are thrilled to announce that at the end of August this year we will be teaming up with RNR Tours and heading over to Japan for a 5 date tour. This will also coincide with a special edition release of Time & Tide which will include 3 new unreleased tracks. We will post more info on this release in the next few weeks so watch this space. In the mean time check out the dates below and the fantastic poster Mark Bell Illustration has done for us!

Here are the dates:

Date Venue City
Aug 22 7th Avenue Yokohama, JP
Aug 23 Tachikawa Babel Wets Tokyo, JP
Aug 24 Golden Pigs Nigata, JP
Aug 25 Osu Dt.BLD Nagoya, JP
Aug 26 Hatsudai Wall Tokyo, JP

We’ve been short listed to play SLAM DUNK FESTIVAL but we need YOUR VOTE (Again!)

Hey everyone! Rock Sound have short listed us as one of the last 5 to possibly open the Breakout stage this year at Slam Dunk Festival, so we need your help once more!! It would mean the absolute world to us if you just took two minutes  (again) to visit the link below and vote for us just by selecting  ‘EAT DEFEAT’ and you’re done!

So please get voting and ask your friends to vote too.

Here’s the link


Drinks after work on Wednesday in Keighley?

Well . . . we know this is kind of last minute and we should really be a bit more organised but we just wondered if any of you lovely people would love to come and hang out out after work on Wednesday in Keighley?

Why Wednesday may you ask?

We are playing a 20 minute set at the Exchange in Keighley. We are on stage at 7pm prompt and by doing this it might just help us get a slot on the Bingley Music Live festival . . .

IT”S FREE IN so would be good to see as many of you there as possible

Also we’re sure its your round!

We’re Only Supporting IGNITE in Leeds!!!

We are super excited to say that we will be supporting the mighty IGNITE at Temple Of Boom in Leeds on Wednesday 26th April.

We have been given a handful of tickets for the show so if you would like to get your hands on some with NO!! N-O booking fee, you can get them HERE

See you all there.

Help Eat Defeat Play at Slam Dunk Festival

Hey everyone! Rock Sound are putting on a competition to open the Breakout stage this year atSlam Dunk Festival, and we need your help!

It would mean the absolute world to us if you just took two minutes to visit the link below and vote for us just by writing ‘EAT DEFEAT’ in the box, along with a name and email, and you’re done! So please get voting and ask your friends to vote too.

Here’s the link



BBC Introducing . . . Live Session!

We are thrilled to announce that we have been invited to play a live session on West Yorkshire’s BBC Introducing.

The session will include us playing acoustic versions  of a couple of tracks from our latest EP “Time and Tide” along with a chat with the host Alan Raw.

The session will go out live on Saturday 21st January at 8pm (UK Time) and can be heard on the following FM frequencies:

92.4 FM | 95.3 FM

and also on Digital.

For more information on the show go to: BBC INTRODUCING

Chapter 10: in which the end has no end

“Can you please just get them to give me the money so we can finally put an end to this nightmare?”

I awake around midday, the sunlight pouring through the tinted windows of the van. I feel like a sausage roll, sweating inside my sleeping bag. I think about the grueling drive ahead of me, and smile inside as I realise I get to do it solo. I can take my time, I can stop when I want, I can even have a nap if I want to. I think i’d enjoy this job a lot more if it wasn’t for the clients.

Being the absolute sap that I am, I had previously advised the guys in the band that I would do my best to take a longer way around the route to attempt to avoid some of the tolls en route. After about 8 hours of navigating winding village roads and realising i’m spending just as much in fuel attempting this strategy, I just give up and take the highways. Why should I be trying to save them money anyway? The tolls on the French and Italian highways are pretty brutal though, and as you can imagine if you’ve ever done this drive, 200 euros is not enough to get me home. I think it maybe just about covers the tolls.

The drive itself is pretty glorious though. It’s a sunny day despite it being November, and the scenery is just amazing. After driving through Mont Blanc I need to stop to fuel up, and I decide i’ll grab a coffee whilst i’m there. I sit outside with my laptop, enjoying the free wifi, and before I know it i’ve just sat there soaking up the ambience for about 2 hours.


It’s a long, LONG day of driving before I decide to stop for the night around half an hour outside of Calais. It’s probably gone midnight by this point, and the crossing has been booked for 6.45am the next morning. I grab some precious van sleep before completing the final leg of this torturous chapter of my life.

I’m early to rise, primed to make the ferry in good time. As I approach the loading area, there’s a fair bit of chaos as lanes are closed and various signs give contrasting information. I see the left lane says ‘CITY’ so I reason I obviously need to be in the right lane. After a minute or two, it becomes apparent that i’ve entered the freight loading area. Still exhausted and barely awake, I take a minute to consider my options. By the time I decide I’ll just pull out and find the passenger terminal, i’m all out of options as i am now surrounded on all 4 sides by huge lorries. Utterly helpless and pathetically frustrated, I sit in this steel sandwich and watch the clock tick past my boarding time as nothing appears to be moving.

Eventually, engines roar into life and within minutes the lorries are cleared and we’re fed into a different area. This area contains a roundabout with an exit to the passenger terminal, so i slope off into the correct terminal and join yet another queue. In a rare bit of good fortune, i’m not charged any extra for missing my crossing and am just pushed back to a later one.

I’m finally back in England, and after a few more hours of driving I meet the band at their practise space. I’ve had a quick glimpse at the receipts and have a rough figure in my head, which i’m happy to settle for. The band tell me they’ve left the key to the merch tin at home, and would it be possible for them to transfer the amount over. Admittedly, this is where my trusting nature gets the better of me as I agree to this without threatening to break any legs, hold on to any gear or frogmarching them to a cash machine.

Surprise surprise, the band begin to ignore my attempts at communicating with them when I ask for this money. I try i think 2 or 3 different members, no response. It’s not a huge amount, and I’m aware of how much money they’ve lost on this tour, but i’m obviously not prepared to let it go. After they shirk any responsibility, i’m forced to go back to their manager who had previously sorted out payment. All props to him, he handles it professionally and keeps in touch with me with progress. After a few days, and after previously agreeing to an amount, he states that the band need to see all of the receipts before they’re happy paying. Fair request, dick move.

I send over all the receipts, and realise i’ve actually shortchanged myself by a fair bit and the total is considerably more than I first thought. Bet they wish they’d just settled now, right? Finally, they pay.

£5 less than agreed.

I let it go.

Fuck this tour.

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